This Yogurt, Not That Yogurt

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This post kicks off the beginning of my Kids Food Swaps series.  As a parent I am always looking for healthier versions of my kids favorite not-so-good-for-you foods.  I will admit that my kids do not eat healthy foods 100% of the time.  People usually assume because of my background in nutrition that my kids are perfect, healthy eaters.  Not so.  In fact I have some pretty picky eaters in my house but I’m always up for a good challenge.  That being said I do try really hard to find the best options.  Here comes my first example: Yogurt!


So I personally am not a big fan of dairy because of the bloating effects it has on my body and a few other reasons.  I believe moderation is key when it comes to certain foods so I do allow my kids to have yogurt just not every day.  I could go on more about dairy and all the studies I have read but I will save that for another day. 🙂  I used to buy the Yoplait Gogurt sticks until I learned what was in those cute little sticks decorated with my kids favorite characters.  I’m not trying to pick on one company but Yoplait was the brand I was using so they are my example for this post.

IMG_4354 (3)


The reason I have made the switch to Stonyfield is because it is an organic product.  This means the food was made without the use of toxic pesticides on the fruit, no artificial hormones or antibiotics injected into the cattle and no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).  Both products have the same amount of calories, fat, sugar (Stonyfield has 1 gram less) and protein so basically it comes down to the ingredients and the quality.  I want to know what I am putting into my little kids bodies.  Growth hormones and chemicals do not belong in our food.

Pouches for babies, toddlers and kids!
Pouches for babies, toddlers and kids!

Look for the USDA ORGANIC symbol to guarantee the food you are purchasing is made with quality ingredients and is pesticide, growth hormone and GMO free.  The chart below is a fantastic reference to show you the difference between organic and conventional.


Like I said before, everything in moderation.  I realize it’s not practical for everyone to buy organic all the time but when you can make the swap!

Let me know in the comments below what kind of foods your kids like that you would like to find a healthier option for!

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