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Here’s the scoop.  East Valley Mom’s Blog is having some fun with their contributors and readers.  The contributors/writers for the blog are all taking over EVMB Instagram each Tuesday.  This week is was my turn!  Basically I logged on and took over the account with pictures and captions of my day.

So here is my recap of my Takeover Tuesday in case you don’t have Instagram.  Love you mom! 😉

Introduction: GET READY, I’m taking over East Valley Mom’s Blog instagram!  Check out a day in the life of this crazy busy mama: meals, morning routine, workouts, kids activities, work and whatever else I feel like doing!  I moved to Chandler in December all the way from South Dakota.  We love it here!  My kiddos, Mollie age 4 and Rory age 2, keep me on my toes.  I’ve been married to Jason for almost 9 years.  He was relocated here for his job and we are so happy to be here.  I jumped on board with EVMB in March as a contributor and I love to share my passion of nutrition and fitness with you all!  I am the owner of Shine Within Nutrition.  Follow my instagram @KariBurghardt to see some of my healthy meals, workouts and fun ways to keep kids active!


Are you a coffee drinker?  It’s a must for me in the morning.  Yes, that’s my #TakeoverTuesday reminder note!  My husband calls me the “Post-It Queen”.


M A N G O protein pancake + coffee = good start to the day!  Recipe: 1/4 C egg whites, 1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 tsp chia seeds, 1 scoop protein powder and 6 pieces frozen mango, chopped (half go in batter, half for topping).  Cook on med-low heat about 8-10 min each side.


Secret to beachy waves!  Wrap small sections around the barrel of your curling iron holding the end of your hair straight out.  Don’t use the clamp.


…because sometimes life doesn’t give you time to make a gourmet lunch for the kiddos!  Crackers, peanut butter, black olives and yogurt.


#1 reason I love working from home!  I have the cutest office assistant and he doesn’t mind if we stop working to play throughout the day.  My daughter is at school right now so it’s just me and Rory this afternoon.  I’m listening to a webinar at my desk while he has a snack and watches Max & Ruby on the iPad.  Not only do I have a nutrition and wellness website to keep me busy, I am also doing work for my job back in South Dakota.  I have been a health insurance agent for the last 7+ years.  Eventually I will transition fully into my new business.  If you could have your dream job what would it be?  Are you already doing it?


L U N C H – Ezekiel wrap, spinach, green apple slices, chopped mixed veggies, tofu (you could substitute chicken) and cashews.  Add a little mustard and you’re good to go!


Picked up Little Miss from school and her brother is zonked OUT!  Took him in the house and into bed and he didn’t even more.  Tired little dude.  Anyone else need a nap?  I would LOVE one!


Do yourself a favor…go to the Gilbert Market on Saturday from 8-noon and pick up a few of these bars from Seize the Fork (you can also order online)!  Blueberry and strawberry are my two faves.


Just trying to fit into my surroundings here in the desert by wearing a cactus on my shirt.  Arizona camo?


Best. Dad. Ever!  Cannonball!!!  What an awesome afternoon for the kids with Jason home.  The water is way too cold for me to get in but Jason is a trooper.


The kids were wound up tonight and I needed a few minutes to unwind so I locked myself in my bedroom for 20 minutes for a quick workout after dinner.  I love working out at night.  Some people prefer first thing in the morning.  How about you?


It’s been such a fun day!  Thank you for hanging out with me and I hope you get a restful night of sleep.  I knot it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle everyday.  You are taking care of kids, your household and everything else around you.  Remember to take time for yourself too!

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