Fan Moment at Chipotle Cultivate Festival

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Originally we had planned to make it a family day at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival but last minute decided to get a babysitter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything but it was fun to have a day date with Jason.  They did have a kids area to make t-shirts, paint, learn to plant a garden and a cotton bin if you ever want to take the kiddos!  Chipotle Cultivate will also be in Minneapolis and Kansas City this year.


The event was incredible and I was geeking out over all the booths they had for educating people about fresh food vs. processed, uses for avocado, the importance of bees and much more.  By the way this was a free event and they DID IT UP!  They were giving away so many awesome samples like smoothies, guacamole, Burt’s Bee’s lip gloss and body lotion, juices and the list goes on.  It was an all day party with non-stop live music!


I had a total fan moment with Richard Blais!  He is the winner of Top Chef All-Stars on Bravo.  I have loved watching Top Chef for several years and Richard is one of my favorites.  He was the runner-up in season 4 so it was awesome to see him come back and win it all on the All-Stars season.  This guys was pure entertainment yesterday on stage and he left the audience wanting more.  Not only does he have a fun-spirited personality but you can feel the love he has for his two daughters when he talks about them.  They were there yesterday too along with his wife.


Does it get any better than liquid nitrogen?



Can we talk about some fantastic food?  Seriously this bowl of goodness hit the spot.  Jasmine rice, pork and chicken meatballs, green curry, green beans, green papaya slaw and crispy garlic.  This bowl had a spicy kick!  Jason and I both loved it!


…and a little photo booth fun!


The festival was a fun highlight for the weekend but we didn’t stop there!  Mollie is turning 5 this week so we put together a fun birthday play date at the park.  I was so lucky to find some amazing mamas shortly after moving here.  They are such a solid group of girls and we all lean on each other to get through our days sometimes.  They have the best kids too!  Everyone came over to our neighborhood park for pizza, applesauce, carrots and of course PLAY TIME!  How cute are these little rascals?


It’s so important to have good relationships in your life and to have a support system.  As mom’s we get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone around us.  Having a little help from friends can be a life saver even if it’s just to have someone to vent to.  For example, I took my kids to an Easter event where they had bounce houses, face painting, food vendors…I showed up and realized I had no money for the activities and no sun screen and no shade in sight on a hot sunny day.  Katie was there and immediately handed me a twenty and a bottle of sunscreen without hesitation.  She pretty much saved the day!  It’s those little things that let you know that you’re friends have your back.  This is a good looking group of ladies don’t you think!?


Rory ended up missing most of the party.  Unfortunately he has a stomach bug so he only came to the party at the end when Jason came to help bring our things home.  At least he was there for a good family picture!


Sunday afternoon stretching and soaking up some Vitamin D.  After a busy weekend this feels amazing!


Did you do anything exciting this weekend?  Tell me in the comments!








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