What’s in My Bag and a Yoga Date

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It’s Spring break here so school is out for two weeks.  No break yet for Mollie though!  I signed Mollie up for a week-long art class from 9-noon each day which she is loving.  So Rory got to go with me to a mommy get together at the Phoenix Zoo.  Look at these cute little monkeys!!


Essentials and snacks for a successful outing with a toddler…

Water, snacks, sunscreen, diapers, sunglasses & Carmex 🙂


Where’s Rory?


I was going to do a post this week comparing all of the plant-based protein powders I have been testing BUT I didn’t get a chance to try all six of them this week so that’s coming next week!  I’m testing the protein in my favorite green smoothie recipe and for making protein pancakes.  Food testing ranks high in my all-time favorite activities. 😉


LEMONS!!!  A very kind lady was giving away fresh picked lemons from her tree.  Amazing!  I juiced most of them and made lemon juice ice cubes to throw in my water every day.  Mollie and I also made homemade lemonade.  Yummy!


Favorite snack this week: mixed berries.  Sprouts had strawberries, raspberries and blackberries for 88 cents!  Can you believe that!?


I got my stretch on at Yin Yoga this morning with my gorgeous friend Katie.  I was able to attend the class for free as a guest.  The gym had a daycare center for the kids to play at while we were in class.  I have never had a gym membership before but after going today I could fall in love with what they have to offer.  Daycare, yoga classes, coffee…coffee…I love coffee.


After yoga we went to Target for a few essentials and of course we can’t leave without playing in the toy aisles!


Lunch: Baby arugula with bbq lean ground turkey, onions and nutritional yeast.


Anyone have fun plans coming up this weekend?  My dad is flying in on Saturday so we will pick him up at the airport.  We have been in Arizona for almost 3 months now.  I love it but I am missing family a lot right now.  I’m feeling blessed for the friends I have made here though.  It’s definitely helped ease the transition.

Have a great day! 🙂





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