My Skinny Little Secret

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When people ask me what my #1 tip is for health or nutrition is I say start with hydration.  Eating healthy has several components but if you can start by changing one thing it would be to DRINK MORE WATER!  To take that a step further…drink more lemon water.  That’s my skinny little secret.  Lemons!  I start out each morning with 32 ounces of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  QUICK TIP: Juice 2 or 3 lemons and keep the juice in an air tight container in the fridge so you have quick access to the juice all week.  Juicing each morning becomes tedious and you are less likely to stick with it.  So why is adding lemon juice to your water such a big deal?  Check out all the benefits and I bet you will find most of them very appealing.

Mollie and I picking out lemons from Agritopia at the Gilbert Farmer's Market.
Mollie and I picking out lemons from Agritopia at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market.

I usually drink my lemon water cold and with a straw but some days I switch it up and drink it warm out of a mug which is great on cold mornings. Start by drinking your lemon water 15-20 minutes before consuming any food.  This will give you full benefits which are listed below.

1.  Helps relieve indigestion, heartburn and bloat.  Nobody likes bloat!

2.  Flushes out toxins and stimulates the liver.

3.  Reduces inflammation in the body.

4.  Gives you an energy boost to get your day started!  **I still like my coffee in the morning though. 🙂

5.  Vitamin C gives your immune system a boost.

6.  Lemons are high in potassium which helps stabilize blood pressure, aids in muscle strength, improves brain, heart and kidney function…it looks like potassium might need an entirely separate blog post. 😉

BEAUTY TIP: Dip a cotton pad in lemon juice and wipe on your face after using a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup you may be wearing.  Leave on about two minutes and gently rinse off.  Follow up with a moisturizer.  I like to do this just before going to bed.  The acid in the lemon juice acts as a great exfoliator, blackhead remover and skin brightener.  Big bonus, right?!


Go buy yourself a cute little juicer like the one pictured above and get started! RIGHT NOW! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My Skinny Little Secret

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  2. Lemon water was something I tried before, but didn’t stick with with due to it giving me a sour stomach. Would you recommend adding anything to it (a friend of mine told me ginger might help) or just add more water?

    1. Hi Jennifer! What amounts of lemon juice to water were you using? I use 1-2 T juice to about 32oz water. Do you have a sensitive stomach to other acidic foods?

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