Green Smoothie Recipe & Stroller Cardio

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Last week was full of fun and I have lots to share with you!  My Dad was here and joined up with us at the farmer’s market.  Jason was off work so he was able to come with for the first time.  It was 70 and sunny that day, perfection!

Photo by Mollie 🙂


After the farmer’s market we hit up a place called Pei Wei (similar food to P.F. Chang’s, so yummy!).  I ordered the honey seared steamed chicken with brown rice and veggies.  Jason ordered the chicken lettuce wraps which are in my top 5 favorite foods, seriously delish.


Someone clearly had too much fun at the farmer’s market and had to rest her eyelids for a few minutes. 😉


Urthbox arrived!  I get this box each month full of healthy goodies.  Snacks delivered right to my door = happiness.


Let’s get green!  I love spinach, kale, arugala etc…but eating a salad everyday can get old.  So when I want another way to get my greens I throw them in a smoothie.  This is my go-to recipe and it’s imbedded in my brain.

IMG_2857 (3)

Go-To Green Smoothie 


Spinach  2 Cups

Water  1 Cup

Banana  1 medium sliced and frozen

Pineapple 1/2 C frozen

Mango 1/2 C frozen

Protein Powder 1 scoop (optional)



Blend spinach and water for 30 seconds.  Scrape sides of blender if needed to get all spinach blended well.  Add remaining ingredients and blend 1 minute.  Scrapes sides again if needed and blend 30 more seconds.  Serve immediately.  ENJOY! 🙂


My Dad picked us up and we took off for a Phoenix Suns basketball game.  A friend gave us 4 free tickets, score!  Mollie just likes to see the cheerleaders and tells us that she is going to do that someday.  The girls were so sweet to her and thought she was the cutest thing ever.


I was attempting to get a picture with the kids while holding Rory with all my might because he was trying to climb me!


Since moving from South Dakota to Phoenix a few months ago I have been getting outside as much as possible with the kids.  Pushing a stroller with 70 pounds in it is a great workout.  I try to walk as fast as I can and sometimes do some jogging intervals.  There is an abundance of parks here so I am always searching for ones that I can walk to a little further from home.  I try to get 3-5 miles in each day.  Jason came with since he had the day off and I made him put on a photographer hat for a minute. 😉


I have some pretty cool things to talk about in my next post…stay tuned!










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