Fire Trucks and Fit Moms and Alligators, Oh My!

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First off I have to tell you how awesome it felt to go on a date with my husband last night.  For the first time in 5 months we hired a babysitter and had a fun night out, just the two of us!  We forgot what it was like to have a conversation uninterrupted.  No kids yelling in the background, no one asking “Mom, can I have a snack?” or  “Daddy, can we get out the play-doh?”.  It was fantastic!  We ate at Chop and it was perfect.  The lighting was dim, the music was spot on for a nice chill-out vibe (Follow Chris Totolo on Spotify and check out his Chop Dinner playlist) and our waiter was great!  Don’t you love when you get a waiter who is super attentive, gives great suggestions and actually has a fun personality?


This morning we took the kids to the Whole Planet Festival at Whole Foods.  They had tons of activities for the kids.  First we had to make friends with an alligator named Baby.  Mollie ended up spending most of her time with this new found friend.  She asked the handler 101 questions about the alligator and he was more than happy to answer each and every one.  She’s never afraid to strike up a conversation with someone and I love that about her.

IMG_3294 (2)


We also took advantage of free face painting.  The kids got a kick out of the guy who was painting faces.  He was spunky and had a great way of making the kids laugh.


The Chandler Fire Department had a fire truck on sight for the kids to check out.  They climbed in and took over the driver seat.  The firefighters were great about explaining what all the different buttons in the truck did.


My friends Kim and Shannon of Fit Mom Diet were at the event chatting with moms and handing out Nature’s Bakery bars.  If you haven’t tried them before you must go buy a box!  We started eating them in our family after we found out Rory had a dairy intolerance.  It was one of the first dairy free products I found and it had ingredients that I actually recognized.  Rory has them for breakfast and I also keep them in my purse for an easy snack when we are away from home.  I love these girls and it’s always fun chatting with them.  Check out their website!  They just launched their newest ebook, 10 Day Flat Belly Plan.

IMG_3323 (2)

We grabbed lunch at Jersey Mike’s.  I had the chicken cheesesteak…order with no cheese and load on the veggies.  So good!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂





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