Valentine’s and Food Finds

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The kids and I had a “lovely” Valentine’s weekend.  Jason was working so I was busy entertaining our little ones.  Saturday morning started out at the farmer’s market.  Picked up my must-haves for the week: 1. lemons for my morning lemon water, 2. doggy treats for our pups made with only garbanzo flour and peanut butter, 3. energy bars from Pure Goodies!  I picked up a bag of fresh picked oranges for my dad as a Valentine’s present because he was flying in from South Dakota Saturday night.  Mollie was excited to stay up late so she could come along to the airport.


Face painting from the farmer's market :)
Face painting from the farmer’s market 🙂

We made our way to Sprouts for the first time.  I. Am. In. Love!  This grocery store started right here in Chandler, AZ and now has 190 locations across 10 states.  They specialize in fresh, natural and organic foods.  A food geek’s dream!

Sprout’s Haul

Sunday morning we ran off to Target for the post holiday sale.  No shame in my game.  I let the kids pick out a few toys and goodies because everything is half off!  The day after every holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) you will find me in the sale aisle!

Fun at Target!
Fun at Target!

Then we were off to the park for a play date.

play date

I have been blessed with an amazing friend who has helped me out so much since moving here.  She has hooked me up with her rolodex…doctor, pediatrician, hair stylist, dermatologist and on and on!  Yesterday she spoiled me with some ginormous grapefruit picked from the tree in her own backyard.  Fresh citrus: one of the HUGE perks of living in Arizona!


Last night’s dinner was a “reheat and eat” night.  After running with the kids all day and spending a few hours cleaning the house I did NOT want to cook.  Food that was prepped ahead: grilled chicken, quinoa and asparagus. ((Two thumbs up for easy meals)).

meal prep

Anyone have the day off for President’s Day?  Jason is home and Mollie doesn’t have school = mommy sitting on the computer working while kids play with daddy out in the sunshine.  I’m joining them soon!



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