Slim Down Week and a Photo Shoot

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Pretty sure every meal this week consisted of something green.  Spinach, asparagus, broccoli…  Let’s just say my digestive track is in peak physical form. 😉

Grilled chicken, roasted asparagus & quinoa.


So leading up to today I was preparing for a photo shoot for Fit Mom Diet, whom I am an ambassador for.  These ladies are big believers in encouraging and supporting other women to reach their goals.  I couldn’t ask for a more inspiring duo to help me go after my own dream.  My daughter, Mollie, was involved in the photo shoot too so we had a fun little trip to the mall to look for a cute workout assemble.

Toddler size workout clothes from H&M
Toddler size workout clothes from H&M

Typical meals this week looked like this…


Sesame ginger marinated tofu, sweet potato & broccoli.
Sesame ginger marinated tofu, sweet potato & broccoli.

and this…


Green Smoothie loaded with spinach.
Green Smoothie loaded with spinach.
Meal to go: water, grapefruit & energy ball.
Meal to go: water, grapefruit & energy ball.

Basically eating lean proteins, veggies and citrus to eliminate inflammation in the body and unwanted bloat.

Evan though the pool is only 60 degrees it doesn’t seem to stop the kiddos from jumping in.  It doesn’t even phase them.  I put my big toe in and it sends shivers through my entire body.

This is a daily thing now.
This is a daily thing now.

Rory went through a wonderful clinging stage this week.  I wasn’t allowed out of his sight.  Someday I will miss this.


Workouts this week: several long walks with the kids in the stroller venturing to different parks.  Every night before bed I did this ab workout…

Ab workout

Photo shoot day!  My alarm was set for 4:40am but unfortunately the volume button was bumped down and I woke up at 6:15.  I was suppose to leave the house at 6:40.  I took a two minute shower while Jason helped load up my bags and get Mollie ready and out the door.  I met Shannon (co-owner of Fit Mom Diet) at Starbucks about 15 minutes late and did my makeup in the vehicle while she drove us and the girls to Scottsdale.  Everything worked out just fine.  Nothing like getting your heart rate up and going into panic mode first thing in the morning to make you feel alive!  We met up with Kim (co-owner of Fit Mom Diet) and our photographer, Stephanie who is as sweet as they come.  Here are some fun shots from the morning…

Kim giving Mollie directions for the picture. 🙂
High fives from Mollie!
A few shots for my blog…
Love these girls! Kind-hearted and full of energy.
Mollie & Dylan (Shannon’s daughter)
Practicing her jump rope skills.


It’s the weekend!  What fun things do you have planned?




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